Nope. I am not a frog.


“Am I really a frog?” –  asked a sad frog himself one morning.

“Something doesn´t feel right. I do not remember how I was born into this marsh. Although all I can remember is this marsh, other lazy green frogs around me, flies and beetles I have to hunt hard to not feel hungry and big and small people throwing rocks at me and shouting : ”you are so ugly, what a disgusting creature”…

I surely am sort of happy from time to time, when I am sitting on my rock undisturbed, enjoying the sunrays, but it never lasts. Either other frogs make a loud riot, discussing their frog drama, or people see me and want to catch me for some experiments, or there is no sunshine for many days and all there is – is this grey green marsh, cold and boring…

Am I really a frog? I know that when I am at peace not distracted by the flies and noises I start remembering things that I have no frog words to describe…

I remember as if once I was not a frog, neither green nor wet nor ugly, I was in some place with no flies around nor me needing to eat them, with lots of light and quiet. Sometimes I even remember to be called a Light King´s Son, which would make me a …Light Prince?”

A wet sad frog looked around, saw his reflection in a grey marsh and giggled.

Then he thought: “What if it were true?”

He thought he needed to talk to someone about it. He didn´t know to whom, as other frogs always made fun of him anyway, for his love of a quiet and not making so much noise as the rest of them. They already thought he was an idiot. Now if he talked to them about remembering him being a prince of Light…, hmm yeah. That would be a good fun for his marsh flies wet co-hunters…

He looked up at the Sun and sighed, feeling trapped. All of a sudden he heard a quiet voice that said, “It is true, you are not a frog”.

He jumped of the rock back into the marsh, it startled him so. Then there was quiet again, he thought he was getting a frog fever from thinking nonsense.

He climbed back onto the warm rock. He looked at the Sun again and sighed sadly. “Do not be afraid of the truth, Light Prince”, same quiet but straight forward voice sad again. …He looked around, not seeing anyone, and resuming that there is not much to lose for him in this marsh, decided to listen…

Since this decision to listen, frog´s life had changed completely.

He was no longer affected by the things around him as the Voice told him that it was his choice to think himself a frog in a marsh.

The Voice taught Him that all he suspected about his true identity of a Light Prince was true and nothing else was true.

That at the end, it was no one´s fault, not his nor his Father´s that he was experiencing himself as a sad wet ugly frog, but a strange dream…

The Voice taught him he had a choice.

The Voice taught him he was strong enough to make this choice.

The choice, despite of having an appearance of being very complex, was very simple.

He could carry on dreaming of a life of a frog, dreaming of dying and being born into a marsh again, or he could start forgiving the images he saw and not believing them true. He went for the second option.

This choice, made many times during the dream slowly made his marsh dream happy, he already remembered to laugh at his sadness and grievances and other frogs seeming ignorance, as the voice reminded him that all of them are part of him, the Prince of Light, his Light brothers…

More and more often now, while listening to this wise Voice within almost all day long and never beginning anything without consulting with It, he was getting glimpses of his Light Kingdom, his Father´s Light Palace and Garden, still impeccable and lush, waiting in peace and patience for his sure return.

Waiting for his final choice to decide against his wish to be a frog and to wake up to what seemed a preposterous arrogant story before – to know himself as a prince of Light, a perfect loving Child of a perfect loving Father.

In his heart he knew that this day is not only close, but really already here and now, and it is only a matter of sticking to the power of his decision, of following his wise inner Voice´s guidance that would allow his scared awareness to forget the false marsh and remember His true home of Light.

He trusted and was at peace now. He laughed and saw the light beyond his brothers frogs, and he was forgiving what still seemed to disturb him on a day when he was tempted to believe himself a frog again.

He smiled at how quickly the scary images would disappear as soon as he would ask for this wise Voice´s help to see things differently, and knew with an ineffable certainty that this Voice –  is his Father´s voice and that all the self-deceptions about him being a frog were no longer there.

He knew for sure now – his memory is true, he is his Light Father´s Son, the Prince of Light, eternal and unalterable, pure and innocent, remaining as he was created, – infinite Light, infinite Love…

In the true humbleness of a Prince of Light, he knew he was not a frog.

Aaliyah from J. “The power of decision is my own. This day I will accept myself as what my Father’s Will created me to be.” Peace.



A Course in Miracles for Lexi-Bell


In my mind, in my mind

Angels hide for me to find,

They help me be forever kind,

And play with me they do not mind,

They read me book in dark blue bind

For Happy Dreams in my Light MInd!

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